A picture of Futenma, with the US military headquarters based at Fort Buckner (now Camp Butler) off in the distance. The HQ is still there and pretty much looks the same.


  1. My family and I lived in the housing area to the left and above this street – 838 – The house was set at the bottom of another hill, the top of which housed a large concrete water tank. …used to go up through the bonnies to the top of that hill with a long view down to the ocean and the ship moored there supplied power. We used to follow the fence through the brush where it opened onto the highway above at the low point. If we missed the area bus we’d have to run up the hill to get to the Buckner Theater, PX etc. Recall the howitzers being fired on ceremonial occations at the military headquarters mentioned above. David Fernandez dfernandez@mindspring.com

  2. During the late ’60’s my dad worked as an analyst at USARYIS (United States Army Ryukyu Islands) Headquarters on the hill and we lived in Kishaba Housing Area beyond the HQ. I remember the day after the assignation of JFK, they fired the cannon every hour on the hour.

  3. I lived in Kishaba (on Huron Street) and went to Sukiran Elementary school from 1969 to 1972. Seeing these old photographs really take me back to that time.

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