Posted by: Andrew | October 9, 2007

Goodbye Joe Torre

I couldn’t watch because I was certain it was going to be the end, and it was.

With tonight’s 6-4 loss to the Cleveland Indians, the Yankees have been booted from post-season – and this is likely to be Joe Torre’s last game. Goodbye, Joe – thanks for the 4 World Series and a decade of blessed stability in the Bronx. I’ll be surprised, though, if Torre even lasts the night. Brian Cashman is likely to follow. Great. Now the accursed Red Sox, a team I probably hate more than I love the Yankees, might very well get another series. All I can do is root with all my might for the Indians, and then for whoever wins the NLCS.

I think Jeremy Freese wrote on his blog that if you love the Yankees and consider yourself a liberal, you must be one of those untrustworthy liberals who loves dogs more than children. I’m a liberal, and I don’t see what’s so wrong about loving dogs. Forgive me. I’m going through a moment of derangement, utter insanity. The point is that I know that the Yankees are the big corporate baddies of the baseball world, but I can’t help it. When I was growing up, as a kid, in Japan – I always knew I was going to the U.S. someday, but I didn’t really have any teams to root for since my family, being from Hawaii, didn’t really identify with any pro teams. So I latched on to the Yankees (I know – hackneyed, but true) sticking with them through those awful 1980s teams, knowing that one day in the distant future I’d end up in New York, which I did. And I’ve been a Yankees fan ever since (even though oddly enough I made it to more Mets games this year than I did Yankees games).

I was actually surprised that Joe Torre was retained after last year’s equally stunning debacle. The Yankees are getting old – what’s Jeter now, 33? 34?. It’s going to be the 1980s again for a while, folks. The question is, who’s going to be Torre’s replacement?

Dallas Star

Tonight’s pain was assuaged a bit by the fact that at the very least I received divine evidence that my favorite football team is going to the Superbowl this year…despite five interceptions and a fumble by Tony Romo, the Dallas Cowboys went to a last-second, come-from-behind, 25-24 victory over the Buffalo Bills. Go Cowboys!

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