Posted by: Andrew | May 11, 2012

And that’s a wrap.

It’s been some while now since I decided to discontinue this blog, but my initial reaction was that I’d allow it to sit fallow – to ignore it, essentially, and let it sit silently in its corner of the web, even though there continues to be a steady trickle of visitors, mainly for my pictures of Okinawa than for anything else. Yet tonight, my last night in New York City for the foreseeable future – I decided it would be an indignity to just let the blog die in this fashion, given that it was for a brief time a love and passion of mine. I should give it a fond salute and farewell before declaring it officially dead, which, I suppose, I am now doing.

I came to New York some two decades ago and in the meantime managed to think about a lot and accomplish very little. I don’t regret my time here, even the many missteps I’ve made. But a fond New York memory for me will always be the time when I returned to graduate school, moved to Brooklyn, started this blog and used it to learn, a little more than I would have otherwise, about the world we live in.

As I head to the west coast, I think more and more about returning to writing, but won’t do so until I have a sharper sense of what I want to say. In the meantime, good luck and best wishes to everyone who’s stopped by and paid a visit.


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  1. Ya we all know you are just a three minute heat kinda guy.

  2. Thanks Andrew, now I understand the physics of storytelling….it’s the implementation that requires the foresight. Hope you see your dreams ahead. blackie-san” okinawa project …on FB and youtube……brad

  3. Good luck, Andrew! If you’d like to keep in touch, you can always get me at my gmail address. – Peter

  4. thanks Andrew, you let me revisit the fond times on the island, when I really needed it. Good luck to you and welcome to the west coast.

  5. Hi am I too late. Just found this site. Through out my life I have always thought about Okinawa and life from 1955 to 1961 when we all lived there. So much memories and can’t remember the street I live on in Mercy. I lived just a few houses from Betty and George Ollinger. Betty was my best friend. Trying to find them. As I was reading some of the reviews I have the same memories too of the same teachers and the house that had the carnival like rides in their back yard, where I was invited to a birthday party. Remembering Morning Star newspaper on the hill when the road wasn’t paved yet and no homes on either side. The rice paddies across the street from the main road. Also Jimmy’s bakery on the same side as the bottling company. I went to Machinato Elementary school. I think you could see the beach from there. I have some class pictures I’d like to share. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Nice to hear from anyone.

  6. Thank you, Andrew! I hope that by now you are settled on the West Coast and are contemplating a return to your writing.
    You are cordially invited to revisit Okinawa pixel-by-pixel by coming to see me at
    I hope that you find many hours of pleasure as you browse through my site and listen to some of your favorite Okinawan music on my “Sounds of Okinawa” page.

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